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Here are a few screenshots from WoW Hallow’s End this Halloween season:

Didn't realize I was flagged and logged in the middle of a SW raid


From pretty girl to leper gnome... ewww!

From pretty girl to leper gnome... ewww!

Feelin' a lil orange



Halloween is approaching and this is the time of year for seasonal events in MMORPGs. While most games will not call these “Halloween” or “Christmas” events and usually stick to more generic terms or to game-specific terms, we all see the resemblance and connection between these seasonal in-game events and our own holidays.

MMORPGs are the best for having these seasonal events. There are new quests, fun activities and prizes to be earned or won. Most MMORPGs will also change or decorate the background and scenery of towns during these seasonal events and add new NPCs to receive quests from.

In World of Warcraft, the Halloween-themed event is “Hallow’s End”.

Type: Seasonal Holiday
Date: October 18 – November 1
Location: Cities and inns throughout Azeroth and Outland

You can trick or treat, win prizes and candy, complete quests and new achievements and get a group together to kill the Headless Horseman for fun epic loot.

Seasonal events are a great way to break the monotony of the game, add some new content and something fun and exciting to do for players whether new or old. I really love signing into any of my accounts that are still active during holiday and seasonal events and participating in the events even if I have not regularly been playing the game.

What other games do you play with seasonal events like this and what are they doing for the fall/winter holidays? We want to know more about seasonal events in MMORPGs so post and tell us your stories and your game so we can check it out, too.

The spy crab is the infamous double agent. Cunning, good looking, and has great moves. Sadly the spy crab was never really on our side. As Insomnia Princess puts it “Many of you have heard of the Save the Spycrab campaign that is sweeping across TF2 servers worldwide. You may have even seen the posters with the infamous lines “Think twice before you wrench”.

These spycrab-loving fundamentalists want you to “Remember, this rare and beautiful species relies on YOUR sentries and dispensers to live! So, the next time you see that sapper, think twice about pulling out your wrench.”

I plead to you today… do not be fooled! The spycrab is not your friend, nor is he a “beautiful species”.”

For those who are completely lost as to what a spy crab is you can see from the picture at the bottom what they are. For those that want to be spy crabs simply open your disguise kit, hold down crouch and look at the sky. This will give you the spy crab look and you can join their ranks of evil doers.

Ever since I was a kid I heard people complain about something being overpowered in a video game. I remember playing games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II and people complaining about someone else. In MK everyone hated those people that picked Scorpion did his back, back, punch move followed by the down, punch upper cut. The same principle applied to those people who habitually played Ken or Ryu in Street Fighter.

Years later I started to get into Star Craft with my buddies and even played a bit on Bnet. Oh how the complaining started with people who did the “zerg rush”. These people were the lowest of low and made the game completely boring. Fast forward a bit more and we get to games like Counter-Strike where the AWP is for sissies. Let’s not forget if you make a Warlock in WoW you simply have to /facerollkeyboard in order to beat someone. If you want to play some Team Fortress 2 all you have to do is play Demoman or Soldier to really own.

These are a few examples of many games I’ve played over the years where people complain about how something isn’t fair or is over powered. While many people will completely disagree with me here I have found a few undeniable truths about games and things being unfair or over powered.

Most first person shooters have a stats type of system and there’s almost always a way to botch those stats. Playing one class that does a lot of damage and is easy for you to play will get you lots and lots of points. In MMORPG’s playing the class that has a pet or set of abilities that do a lot of damage will make things a lot easier. Healing and damage hybrids also tend to be extremely good since you have survivability and destroying power.

While certain things may make a game seem easier it doesn’t make it more fun. I’m the type of person that likes to play everything a game has to offer. I want to be good with every weapon, class, or ability available. I don’t like to limit my options because I think that’s boring. Once I’ve found the thing I enjoy the most I stick with it for a while and then change to something else.

Not everyone is like that and some people stick to one thing and one thing only. This tends to make them a lot better at it than others and thus leads to the misconception that something is over powered. I believe that anything can be considered over powered in the right hands. I’ve seen what’s supposed to be the weakest thing in the right hands completely rock the socks off of everyone else. I believe that the right thing in the right hands will be over powered but certain things are predisposed to being more powerful.

I’ve just heard back from our web designers and is expected to officially launch on October 29th (just 2 more days!)

If everything goes according to plan, our first game guide, LiTi-4’s 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide will be launching with the site. The guide has been complete but we’re waiting on the website to make it all official. More updates as we find out.

Stay tuned for the official launch which will be posted here on our blog!

Lucas Arts and BioWare are teaming up to make a Knights of the Old Republic MMO. I can’t begin to express how much I want to see this game do what Star Wars Galaxies failed to accomplish. SWG started out great and slowly started to fall off the chart, mainly do to the upgrade systems. I know that medieval MMO’s are the most popular and played but I’m personally getting tired of them.

Don’t get me wrong I love games like WoW and Warhammer but I’m getting tired of seeing the same sword and shield type games. These games all have the same type of story line and game world environment. With futuristic MMO’s there’s a lot more that can be done where your imagination really is the only limitation.

I would really like to see KOTOR do for futuristic MMO’s what WoW did for medieval themed MMO’s. Star Wars already has a very large fan base as well as an already in depth story line to work with. Blizzard had the same thing going for them when they released WoW. I personally will be getting myself a copy of this game as soon as pre-order’s are available.

Valve is set to release their new game Left 4 Dead in early November. I am looking forward to the release of this game as I love zombie movies and games. I am a big fan of the Half-Life series because of its zombie infestation. L4D is set to be an eight person multi-player game with four survivors and four boss infected. Players will be able to play either side only in Deathmatch mode.

The objective of the game as a survivor is to make it to the rescue point without being killed. There is a lot more involved than just getting there alive. Much like Team Fortress there is going to be achievements that you unlock as you play. One of the more interesting features is that you earn points for doing good or doing bad. If you shoot team mates or blow up bad guys and cause the team to die than you earn bad points. If you complete the objective, heal someone else, or kill a Tank than you get good points.

There are up to five maps right now for L4D and each one takes about an hour to complete. Each map is broken down into ten minute sections that take you from one point to the next. You can play the game in single player or multi-player. In single player the other survivors and bosses are controlled by the computer. One of the most interesting things is that you can’t just kill all the infected, you have to reach the end. The computer keeps dumping infected in until you’ve completed the map or die to them.

We all started playing online games somewhere. The first game I ever played online was a text based game called Trade Wars. It was all about making money in space and blowing your friends to bits. I played other using a modem connection like Diablo and Warcraft 2 but the first MMORPG I really got into was a game called Dark Ages.

It was developed by an independent company called Nexon. It’s a 2D cartoon like game where you run around and grind it to level 99. The game is now owned by a company called Kru Interactive. I stopped playing a few years back but I played the game for over eight years, even up to when World of Warcraft was released.

Everyone has games they started playing online and this was my first. I really enjoyed the small community of about 400 people. The whole objective was to fight mobs to get experience and level up to 99. There was next to no quests to help you gain experience and even the most hard core person would take 3-4 months to get to 99. It’s amazing to think where we came from and where we are now.

Aion The Tower of Eternity is a game under development by NCSoft. It has really caught my eye as it sounds like it will be interesting. It really reminds me of how games used to be but with a more modern graphic design to it. It only has four classes: Mage, Warrior, Scout and Priest. I really enjoyed games that limited the classes you could play. While most people really enjoy the customization of classes and being able to choose from a variety, I don’t.

I really like the idea of simple instead of complex. Games that get too complex usually do it in a very tedious way. It’s not so much as complex as it is time consuming. I believe the more simple the better. While Aion looks a lot like Guild Wars I don’t believe the play style will be the same. Aion is also being published by NCSoft which is what has me the most concerned.

NCSoft has amazing concepts for games but very poor applications of them. City of Heroes and City of Villains were amazing concepts but they failed when it came to content and longevity. The games did very well upon release but after a few months they bottomed out. Another game that had great potential was Tabula Rasa that had a very good running at the start but once released it also fell very hard. Currently Lineage 2 is the bread and butter of NCSoft and supports most of their gaming developments.

I started my rogue because of a set of videos I watched by a guy named Oozo. Sadly I can’t find any of his original videos otherwise I’d love to share them with you. Oozo is an orc rogue who, in my opinion, is one of the best PvP rogues I’ve ever seen. What I’m about to say next may receive a lot of flaming I’m going to say it anyway. World of Warcraft PvP does not require a whole lot of actual skill on the players end.

When BG’s was first introduced you had to PvP constantly to achieve a higher title for better PvP gear. Grand Marshal was the top rank for Alliance and High Warlord was the top for Horde. Some people took it very serious and almost everyone knew who the top ranking person on their server was. Oozo was a rogue who PvP’d in mostly greens and blues but did an amazing job.

The first video I watched was Oozo wearing what most would consider less than acceptable PvP gear. He took on a fully geared Grand Marshal with the Thunderfury and kicked their butt. Not because he had better gear or was more over powered but because he had skill in fighting and using everything he had to its fullest.

Many would argue, and I’m sure will argue, that it’s not impossible and people get lucky. While this is also true the point is that you can be a good player and still beat people with better gear. I believe that WoW has now been changed so much that PvP really is nothing more than an itemized time killer. I do still enjoy playing my rogue Brogi, that you can find here. For anyone that wishes to see some newer Oozo videos you can find one here and the other here.