Patch 3.0.2 Echoes of Doom is now out in preparation for Wrath of the Lich King. New talent trees are available for all classes along with some new spells and abilities. This preview is only a small piece of what is to come in the expansion. Some of the new key features form this patch are:

· Barber Shop

· New 51-Point Talent Trees

· New Pet and Mount Storage System

· New Profession: Inscription

· Player Calendar

While all of these are very exciting I have to say we’re most excited about the new calendar system. It was always such a pain to go to the website and look for when the faire would come to town or what battle ground weekend was coming up.

The “new” hair cuts are a bit interesting too even if all they did was add different race hair cuts to other races. I was hoping there would be more to it than that but it’s nice for those of us who get bored of looking the same every day. I for one will be changing my hair styles for months to come.

Even with the new updates to patch 3.0.2 might be different and new we’ve all been affected by the mods bug. Just about every single mod that was commonly used is now completely worthless. Some of the most popular ones currently have updates available so I suggest checking their website or curse gaming for the update. Do expect that when WotLK hits stores that these mods will probably need another update.