I have heard rumors that the scout will be the next update for Team Fortress 2. I would love this since I think scout is the most fun class to play. I love being able to run around shoot people, run away, and then come back to finish them off. Of course internet rumors aren’t always accurate but sometimes they’re reliable.

If the scout is the next class to be updated I would assume they would do it a lot like the previous classes. While I don’t even want to guess as to what the achievements are going to be for the scout since the previous classes have been pretty ridiculous, I would like to take a guess at the upgrades the scout will receive.

The last three classes have had some sort of weapon affecting ability. The Ubersaw charges your current uberbar, the Axtinguisher gets automatic critical hits to burning victims, and the Killer Gloves of Boxing give you a 100% critical hit chance after killing a victim. I am going to assume that one of the scout weapons will give a buff to the scout like triple jump or speed boost of some sort.

Anyone that’s played scout knows that the standard pistol is not as accurate as the game lets on. It is a great way to hit enemies at a distance but is completely in accurate. I feel like I’m aiming with the heavy’s minigun. Knowing the way Valve works though I am pretty sure that the scouts bat is going to be the weapon that gives some sort of boost since the last three updates followed that pattern. No matter what though I can’t wait for the scout update.