I have found a new interest in Team Fortress 2 with the soldier class. I never really played the solider class as it didn’t really appeal to me. I found a video of a person by the name of Reptile which can be found here. After watching his video soldier seemed a bit more interesting. I don’t have nearly the talent he does but I figured there was room for practice.

I went on a search to find maps that would help me to practice soldier and found these two maps. One is just jumping bots that you launch up in the air and than shoot them, it can be found here. The other has bots sitting in the air already and you shoot up at them, that one is here.

I find the soldier to be more interesting now and take about an hour a day to play one of these two maps. I’m not a professional gamer and don’t intend on being one but I find the practice helps with more than just soldier shots. Demoman can also be played on either of these maps along with scout and sniper.