In video games there are politics just like there are in the real world. Anyone that’s played an online video game long enough will find that the politics in games is almost as bad if not worse than that of the real world. MMORPG’s are the worst in my opinion but there are other games that have them just as bad.

We’ve been in multiple guilds and clans through out our gaming history. We find people from all walks of life and enjoy the company of others. After a while though you tend to start to see events form that lead to friction among others. Leaders clash with members, member clash with one another and so on. After running our own guild for about a year we realized how hard it is to deal with so many people.

I think one of the best experiences of my gaming life was running my own clan. Having to deal with everyone on a personal basis every day can get quite tiresome. While I enjoyed it very much, there was a lot of burden that came with it too. The politics of who’s better than whom and what’s happening in the game really start to weight down on leaders.

Almost everyone can relate to feeling as if there are small groups inside of a clan. Certain people hang out and get along better than others. I find that taking everything with a light heart and just remembering to enjoy the game is the best way to deal with all gaming politics. When you stop caring about the needless drama and just focus on having fun in game you will really start to remember why you started playing.