I started my rogue because of a set of videos I watched by a guy named Oozo. Sadly I can’t find any of his original videos otherwise I’d love to share them with you. Oozo is an orc rogue who, in my opinion, is one of the best PvP rogues I’ve ever seen. What I’m about to say next may receive a lot of flaming I’m going to say it anyway. World of Warcraft PvP does not require a whole lot of actual skill on the players end.

When BG’s was first introduced you had to PvP constantly to achieve a higher title for better PvP gear. Grand Marshal was the top rank for Alliance and High Warlord was the top for Horde. Some people took it very serious and almost everyone knew who the top ranking person on their server was. Oozo was a rogue who PvP’d in mostly greens and blues but did an amazing job.

The first video I watched was Oozo wearing what most would consider less than acceptable PvP gear. He took on a fully geared Grand Marshal with the Thunderfury and kicked their butt. Not because he had better gear or was more over powered but because he had skill in fighting and using everything he had to its fullest.

Many would argue, and I’m sure will argue, that it’s not impossible and people get lucky. While this is also true the point is that you can be a good player and still beat people with better gear. I believe that WoW has now been changed so much that PvP really is nothing more than an itemized time killer. I do still enjoy playing my rogue Brogi, that you can find here. For anyone that wishes to see some newer Oozo videos you can find one here and the other here.