Aion The Tower of Eternity is a game under development by NCSoft. It has really caught my eye as it sounds like it will be interesting. It really reminds me of how games used to be but with a more modern graphic design to it. It only has four classes: Mage, Warrior, Scout and Priest. I really enjoyed games that limited the classes you could play. While most people really enjoy the customization of classes and being able to choose from a variety, I don’t.

I really like the idea of simple instead of complex. Games that get too complex usually do it in a very tedious way. It’s not so much as complex as it is time consuming. I believe the more simple the better. While Aion looks a lot like Guild Wars I don’t believe the play style will be the same. Aion is also being published by NCSoft which is what has me the most concerned.

NCSoft has amazing concepts for games but very poor applications of them. City of Heroes and City of Villains were amazing concepts but they failed when it came to content and longevity. The games did very well upon release but after a few months they bottomed out. Another game that had great potential was Tabula Rasa that had a very good running at the start but once released it also fell very hard. Currently Lineage 2 is the bread and butter of NCSoft and supports most of their gaming developments.