Valve is set to release their new game Left 4 Dead in early November. I am looking forward to the release of this game as I love zombie movies and games. I am a big fan of the Half-Life series because of its zombie infestation. L4D is set to be an eight person multi-player game with four survivors and four boss infected. Players will be able to play either side only in Deathmatch mode.

The objective of the game as a survivor is to make it to the rescue point without being killed. There is a lot more involved than just getting there alive. Much like Team Fortress there is going to be achievements that you unlock as you play. One of the more interesting features is that you earn points for doing good or doing bad. If you shoot team mates or blow up bad guys and cause the team to die than you earn bad points. If you complete the objective, heal someone else, or kill a Tank than you get good points.

There are up to five maps right now for L4D and each one takes about an hour to complete. Each map is broken down into ten minute sections that take you from one point to the next. You can play the game in single player or multi-player. In single player the other survivors and bosses are controlled by the computer. One of the most interesting things is that you can’t just kill all the infected, you have to reach the end. The computer keeps dumping infected in until you’ve completed the map or die to them.