Ever since I was a kid I heard people complain about something being overpowered in a video game. I remember playing games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II and people complaining about someone else. In MK everyone hated those people that picked Scorpion did his back, back, punch move followed by the down, punch upper cut. The same principle applied to those people who habitually played Ken or Ryu in Street Fighter.

Years later I started to get into Star Craft with my buddies and even played a bit on Bnet. Oh how the complaining started with people who did the “zerg rush”. These people were the lowest of low and made the game completely boring. Fast forward a bit more and we get to games like Counter-Strike where the AWP is for sissies. Let’s not forget if you make a Warlock in WoW you simply have to /facerollkeyboard in order to beat someone. If you want to play some Team Fortress 2 all you have to do is play Demoman or Soldier to really own.

These are a few examples of many games I’ve played over the years where people complain about how something isn’t fair or is over powered. While many people will completely disagree with me here I have found a few undeniable truths about games and things being unfair or over powered.

Most first person shooters have a stats type of system and there’s almost always a way to botch those stats. Playing one class that does a lot of damage and is easy for you to play will get you lots and lots of points. In MMORPG’s playing the class that has a pet or set of abilities that do a lot of damage will make things a lot easier. Healing and damage hybrids also tend to be extremely good since you have survivability and destroying power.

While certain things may make a game seem easier it doesn’t make it more fun. I’m the type of person that likes to play everything a game has to offer. I want to be good with every weapon, class, or ability available. I don’t like to limit my options because I think that’s boring. Once I’ve found the thing I enjoy the most I stick with it for a while and then change to something else.

Not everyone is like that and some people stick to one thing and one thing only. This tends to make them a lot better at it than others and thus leads to the misconception that something is over powered. I believe that anything can be considered over powered in the right hands. I’ve seen what’s supposed to be the weakest thing in the right hands completely rock the socks off of everyone else. I believe that the right thing in the right hands will be over powered but certain things are predisposed to being more powerful.