The spy crab is the infamous double agent. Cunning, good looking, and has great moves. Sadly the spy crab was never really on our side. As Insomnia Princess puts it “Many of you have heard of the Save the Spycrab campaign that is sweeping across TF2 servers worldwide. You may have even seen the posters with the infamous lines “Think twice before you wrench”.

These spycrab-loving fundamentalists want you to “Remember, this rare and beautiful species relies on YOUR sentries and dispensers to live! So, the next time you see that sapper, think twice about pulling out your wrench.”

I plead to you today… do not be fooled! The spycrab is not your friend, nor is he a “beautiful species”.”

For those who are completely lost as to what a spy crab is you can see from the picture at the bottom what they are. For those that want to be spy crabs simply open your disguise kit, hold down crouch and look at the sky. This will give you the spy crab look and you can join their ranks of evil doers.