Halloween is approaching and this is the time of year for seasonal events in MMORPGs. While most games will not call these “Halloween” or “Christmas” events and usually stick to more generic terms or to game-specific terms, we all see the resemblance and connection between these seasonal in-game events and our own holidays.

MMORPGs are the best for having these seasonal events. There are new quests, fun activities and prizes to be earned or won. Most MMORPGs will also change or decorate the background and scenery of towns during these seasonal events and add new NPCs to receive quests from.

In World of Warcraft, the Halloween-themed event is “Hallow’s End”.

Type: Seasonal Holiday
Date: October 18 – November 1
Location: Cities and inns throughout Azeroth and Outland

You can trick or treat, win prizes and candy, complete quests and new achievements and get a group together to kill the Headless Horseman for fun epic loot.

Seasonal events are a great way to break the monotony of the game, add some new content and something fun and exciting to do for players whether new or old. I really love signing into any of my accounts that are still active during holiday and seasonal events and participating in the events even if I have not regularly been playing the game.

What other games do you play with seasonal events like this and what are they doing for the fall/winter holidays? We want to know more about seasonal events in MMORPGs so post and tell us your stories and your game so we can check it out, too.