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Making it the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Unbelievable.

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Some gold making tips are just stupid and don’t really help you out. Most people know the basics about buying low and selling high. While some of the tips are good, such as: go here and kill X mob for X loot which equals X amount of gold. Basically a lot of these tips lead you to believe there’s some magical instant way to get tons of gold and that’s really not the case.

The fact is that there is no instant, get rich quick scheme or plan that will make you tons of gold. You have to consider that making gold takes a lot of time. Even if you just grind it out and farm one mob over and over again, it will take time. Also if you only use one method then you’re limiting yourself.

There are more then a few methods you need to use to get a good amount of gold. For one, Blizzard has increased the amount of gold for quests and those completed at max level. Dailies are a great way to make gold, but isn’t for everyone and is limited. Completing quests is good too but also is limited to the amount you can do.

Farming for one item can become repetitive and competition is normally high. Unless you find an area with good trash drops and something worth selling on the auction house, grinding can get old real fast. Having multiple spots to farm will keep you from getting bored.

Lastly, my preferred method is to get yourself something like Auction Master. Scan the auction house daily for good deals on items and buy low to sell high. While your profit may only be a few gold on an item times that by a few hundred a day and you’re making a lot.

The point is that if you combine all of these methods together you will not limit yourself to the amount of gold you can make in the game.

Google AdSense for Games may not be that far off. Video games are becoming increasingly more popular than T.V. Online gaming has increased from roughly 150,000 MMORPG subscribers to over 12 million in fewer than ten years. So it comes as no surprise that advertisers are seeing that there are uncharted waters with the advertising in games.

Almost every webpage is loaded with ads of some sort. Just imagine going to play your favorite video game and seeing loads of ads in the background. One idea that’s been tossed around is by allowing ads in their MMORPG’s the company wouldn’t have to charge its players a monthly fee. Now that’s something I could handle.

Here’s a link to Google’s ideas on advertising in videogames: AdSense for Games

World of Warcraft gold farmers and spammers have always been quite the problem. There have been multiple investigations, videos and documentaries on the lives of farmers. I bring them up now because with the release of the expansion they seem to have made a comeback. Obviously with the release of new content people want to get ahead and this is why.

I play on a rather popular server so the price of newer items is mind blowing. Farmers actually help to bring the economy of my server to a more reasonable average. While they are annoying when you are trying to make money, they tend to just blend into the background. While selling gold is against Blizzard policy, it does help to balance the system.

I thought I would post about the mods I’ve used for World of Warcraft for many years now. Not everyone uses mods and not everyone wants to waste memory with them. I prefer to keep as little as possible, especially because of the account hijackers. Normally if you find a mod that’s good and stick with it, it will be safe.

I’ve been using a set of mods for all my characters for a while now. Each class I play does have a few specific to it, but not many. Here’s the list of mods I recommend for everyone to have:

  1. X-pearl Unit Frames
  2. Bartender
  3. ChatScroll (some form)
  4. Cowtip (TipBuddy is broken)
  5. Quartz
  6. Cartographer

This isn’t a perfect mod list and may not even be something you could use. Three through six can be replaced with updated or better mods, but each serves it’s basic function.

Here’s another favorite WoW music video of mine. I had never heard of Jonathan Coulton before this video. I think the song is quite funny and the guy that did the animation did a steller job on it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

I’ve always thought that Weird Al has had quite a bit of talent. He manages to take songs that other people make and parody them in a way that no one else can. It comes to no surprise that he would inspire WoW fans to do a video to his songs. I’ve seen quite a few of them and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

If you have a World of Warcraft account, log in today for your free new pet, the baby blizzard bear.


There is also an achievement for logging in on WoW’s 4th Anniversary.  If you want to get the achievement and your own cute little bear all you have to do is log your account and check your email.

Remember to do it for each of your toons!

World of Warcraft commercials have had some funny dialog from stars. They get famous people that all of us nerds think are cool. Here is a list of the commercials released by World of Warcraft. Take your pick and cast a vote, we’ll see which one is your favorite.

Mr. T – Night Elf Mowhawk

William Shatner – Shaman

Ozzy Osbourne – Warlock

Vern Troyer – Mage

Steve Van Sandt – No Character

Vic Mignogna – Warlock

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Mage

Willy Toledo – Paladin


Tabula Rasa is going to be alive for only a short while longer. NCSoft has announced that it will be closing the games servers on Feb. 28th 2009. Richard Garriott is said to be moving on to bigger and better things. The players that do currently play will be given the last month for free. So, any of the hard core TR players will get the chance to have one last month of play at no cost.

NCSoft says they will be shutting down the game due to not enough player support. The game didn’t meet the expectations they originally anticipated. Is it really any surprise that this game didn’t make it? I played the beta for TR and was extremely disappointed. Typical of a NCSoft game the content was extremely repetitive.

Customization of the classes was also misleading. The system seemed to work alright, but the actual application of it didn’t really fit the way it was supposed to. NCSoft is not the only company having trouble with its games either. Pirates of the Burning Sea was supposed to be highly anticipated but the combat system really ruined it for everyone. Agte of Conan also fell on its face with lack of content.