One day while waiting around for my priest to get into a BG, I see this other priest leviatating above the candlestick on the table with a whole crowd of people around her. They’re all excited about how she got up there, demanding “make me float, too!” and “whoa, is that a hack?”

I couldn’t resist joining in the fun and levitating above the books beside her. Sometimes if you jump at the exact right second while hitting levitate, you can get even more height and float higher in the air, usually making the noobs “oooh” and “aahhhhh” even more.

Now, because I’m not a mean person, I will reveal the big secret: Levitation is a priest ability, people. It requires a light feather and a simple pressing of the hotkey for the ability and Voila! floating priesties. Many WoW priests find it entertaining to look for new and unusual places to levitate to gather the attention of others… and sometimes we just happen to be doing it and someone who’s new will find it amazing.

I got a big chuckle out of this particular story though so I decided to post it. I wish I’d have thought to get some screenies of their reactions. That was priceless.

Priest hacks?

Priest hacks?