At first look Stargate Worlds looked to have quite a lot of potential. Those that have been reading will know that I’m very interested in upcoming Sci-Fi MMO’s. However once I started to really get in to the meat and potatoes of Stargate Worlds I started to doubt my initial thoughts of this being a good game. Of course all of this will be subject to change and these are just my thoughts and opinions.

I found all the information I’m going to lay out from this wiki site dedicated to Stargate Worlds along with the Stargate Worlds forums. This is what I’ve collected after reading through a few pages about SGW. There will be a collection of seven “Archtypes” or classes. They are Archeologist, Asgard, Commando, Goa’uld, Jaffa, Scientist, and Soldier. There are also four races in SW and they are Asgard, Human, Jarra, and Goa’uld.

I never watched the T.V. shows and have only seen the movie but I can say that I’m disappointed with what comes next. Out of all the classes and races there are limitations to them that I believe will be a problem for Stargate Worlds. Asgard, Jaffa and Goa’uld can only be one class. The class they can be is the class that their name is associated with. All other classes are for humans only. I hope they change that before the release but that’s just me.

The crafting system isn’t really much of a system as it is a sub-game in the game world. There’s not much information given on what the system is like other than it will be like a mini-game. There’s also talk about being a trade class which should intertwine with the mini-game professions.

Each character can master in three specialized trees. The way it reads leads me to believe that choosing your archtype really won’t have much of an impact other than to just label yourself. However if the trees come from the your archtype than other races might be limited. I will continue to read and learn more and post on what I find.