Age of Conan was released in late August after it’s highly awaited game play and brutal PvP. So much hype was put into AoC long before it was even released. The development team promised that there would be an amazing PvP system unlike any other seen before. We’ve of course heard this plenty of times from plenty of games.

Sadly AoC completely fell on its face when it came to game content. I would guess that about 50 percent of the game was actually developed on release. While games normally take a lot of patches in their first few months, AoC took quite a few that didn’t really fix anything.

An even more unfortunate part was that labeling it M really cut down on the amount of people that would buy and play the game. For those of us that don’t want to see a bunch of naked woman running around don’t want to play it and anyone that’s under 18 won’t be able to play it either. On

a positive note they did fire the director of the AoC development department since he was obviously not doing his job. Maybe they’ll get it right next time around.