Looking back 50 years ago you’ll notice that most people spent more time outdoors and with neighbors. Back then they didn’t have computers, video games, or Hi-Def televisions. You would see the whole neighborhood get together on holidays and special events. They would gather on their front lawns and have cook outs or on their block.

While some places in America still do this it’s not nearly as common as it used to be. These events still take place except a lot of them are in a virtual setting. With all the technological advancements we have today people don’t need to leave their homes as much. Almost all forms of entertainment are found inside the home and not outside.

Many that don’t understand this would argue that it’s wrong. For those of us that live it we say it’s an acceptable life style. The common conception of a gamer is someone that lives at home still with no job or responsibility. What most non-gamers don’t realize is that we work typical jobs just like anyone. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, movie stars and military personnel all contribute to the gaming world.

The gamer’s life is not just for out of work, slacker types anymore. More and more professional people are into the gaming world than ever before. Before 2000 there were less than a million open MMORPG subscriptions for games. Now in 2008 there are more than 16 million open MMORPG gaming subscriptions. That’s just MMORPG’s by the way that’s not to count in the number of console sales each year.

I believe that if things continue the way they are 50 years from now every man, woman and child will in some way have their own gaming life style. The gamer’s life is reaching more and more people each year and our demand for entertainment grows by leaps and bounds. Maybe the typical view of a gamer’s life will be changed in years to come.