Some of you may have read or heard about reports of video games leading to the death of people. Either disputes over a video game ending in death or too many hours played leading to exhaustion. Games have been blamed for things like Columbine and other acts of violence. Are video games really these horrible things that cause people to do evil? The answer is quite simply no they do not.

I don’t believe that excessive use of Super Mario Brothers is going to lead someone to believe they can become a plumber and go out and slide down flag poles for coins. It’s the same as I don’t believe that playing a game like Doom or Halo is going to lead you to kill someone else. People making poor choices and a lack of good morals and values is what lead to situations that could involve death.

People also have to be responsible for their own actions. If you play a video game for 50 straight hours without doing anything else, chances are your health is going to be in jeopardy. Even the game companies are putting messages in their games to remind people to leave the game and do real world things. Games are meant to be entertainment that enhance your life not take it over and control it.

Games are made with the intent to be entertaining and nothing more. If people don’t teach their children and themselves this simple truth then problems will come about. This still doesn’t give people the excuse to blame games as the cause of bad events. Same as music, literature, or movies should be blamed for someone making a choice to do wrong.

While these things may contribute to the cause of certain events and choices people make they are not the cause of them. If people are predisposed to having problems in real life they need to deal with that first. You can’t expect to exist in a virtual world if you have problems existing in the real one.

Having self control, discipline and responsibility will greatly help you from making poor choices. Not just in video games but in all situations of life. Maybe one day we’ll stop blaming the games for our own inability to make the right decisions.