Are you looking for the first aid trainer in Northrend or the other new zones in WotLK?

Did you ask in chat and get some stupid or sarcastic answer?

We’ve seen it asked multiple times now since we started playing WotLK so we figured it warranted a post.

First Aid trainer in Borean Tundra is found behind the inn in Valiance Keep at 57, 66.

First Aid trainer in Howling Fjorn is found at the bonfire in Valgarde at 60, 62.
The other profession trainers are clustered together. In Borean Tundra in Valiance Keep you will find them at 57, 71 up the stairs towards the keep to the left of the keep on the outside. In Howling Fjorn you will find them up the hill from the bonfire in Valgarde right next to the flight path in a big half circle.

Another intersting fact: You can find trainers and other useful NPCs in a zone by using the new minimap tool.