Tabula Rasa is going to be alive for only a short while longer. NCSoft has announced that it will be closing the games servers on Feb. 28th 2009. Richard Garriott is said to be moving on to bigger and better things. The players that do currently play will be given the last month for free. So, any of the hard core TR players will get the chance to have one last month of play at no cost.

NCSoft says they will be shutting down the game due to not enough player support. The game didn’t meet the expectations they originally anticipated. Is it really any surprise that this game didn’t make it? I played the beta for TR and was extremely disappointed. Typical of a NCSoft game the content was extremely repetitive.

Customization of the classes was also misleading. The system seemed to work alright, but the actual application of it didn’t really fit the way it was supposed to. NCSoft is not the only company having trouble with its games either. Pirates of the Burning Sea was supposed to be highly anticipated but the combat system really ruined it for everyone. Agte of Conan also fell on its face with lack of content.