Some gold making tips are just stupid and don’t really help you out. Most people know the basics about buying low and selling high. While some of the tips are good, such as: go here and kill X mob for X loot which equals X amount of gold. Basically a lot of these tips lead you to believe there’s some magical instant way to get tons of gold and that’s really not the case.

The fact is that there is no instant, get rich quick scheme or plan that will make you tons of gold. You have to consider that making gold takes a lot of time. Even if you just grind it out and farm one mob over and over again, it will take time. Also if you only use one method then you’re limiting yourself.

There are more then a few methods you need to use to get a good amount of gold. For one, Blizzard has increased the amount of gold for quests and those completed at max level. Dailies are a great way to make gold, but isn’t for everyone and is limited. Completing quests is good too but also is limited to the amount you can do.

Farming for one item can become repetitive and competition is normally high. Unless you find an area with good trash drops and something worth selling on the auction house, grinding can get old real fast. Having multiple spots to farm will keep you from getting bored.

Lastly, my preferred method is to get yourself something like Auction Master. Scan the auction house daily for good deals on items and buy low to sell high. While your profit may only be a few gold on an item times that by a few hundred a day and you’re making a lot.

The point is that if you combine all of these methods together you will not limit yourself to the amount of gold you can make in the game.