Enchanting changes in WotLK go hand in hand with the new inscription profession. You may find yourself asking what’s new about enchanting and how does it relate to inscription. Well it’s not as complicated as you might think. Enchanters always had a hard time before selling enchants because most people would just buy the materials and then not tip the person who did the enchant.

Also finding someone with the right enchant might prove difficult if you’re on a lower population server. So inscription was added to help relieve a lot of that frustration. Inscribers make pieces of paper called vellum’s, not to be confused with the drug Valium. Enchanters can take an enchant and put it on one of these vellum’s and the paper will hold the enchant for someone else.

This makes it possible for the enchanters to no longer sell their enchants directly, but indirectly through the auction house. Vellum’s are not a one size fits all either. There are specific vellum’s for armor and weapons. These two categories are broken down into level increments depending on the level of the enchant. For instance, Mongoose would be put on a weapon vellum III.