Valve released that scout is the next update for Team Fortress 2. You can officially read about it here.  Last night they released a small patch that allows engineers to upgrade their teleporters and dispensers to level three, just like sentries.

Also spies can now recharge their cloak from ammo and health packs. Players that use weapons with bullets can break apart stickes from demomen. They also changed the first part of the Goldrush map so that it’s a little easier for blu to make it to the last point.

The area that went down the right tunnel for blu is no longer an open area that can be accessed by red via jumping the pipe. Now the only red that can get into this new area are soldiers and demomen.

They also added some graphical changes to when you kill your opponent with a critical. The critical will show up different then a normal kill by having a slight glow to it do better determine the difference between crits and non-crits. They also added new graphics to the healing from medic guns and dispensers. The beam now has a lots of little plus signs that surround the player and can get confusing with smoke from the spy.