Tired of your old World of Warcraft hair style? Do you wish you had never made that night elf female rogue? Well Blizzard has really come through with their promise to allow complete character re-customization. While it’s not exactly what we all expected, it is somewhat effective.

There is a whole list of guidelines as to what you can and cannot do to your character during the re-customization process. For a complete list of answered questions that may not be covered here you can view the Blizzard Character Re-Customization FAQ.

The things we do know is that you can completely change your skin color, hair, face, and your gender. That’s right you heard us right, you can change your gender from male to female or vise versa. While some may question why you’d want to change your gender others would wonder why you wouldn’t.

There is of course a catch to all of this. You cannot change your race or class. You also will have to pay $15.00 USD to re-customize. This includes a name change if you so choose but the name has to be available on your realm and follow Blizzards naming guidelines.

We see the pros and cons to this new development. Not being able to change your race is a bit of a bummer, we were hoping you’d be able to change your race as long as your class was in the guidelines for it. It’s also unfortunate that every 30 days trouble makers and ninja types will be able to disappear without a trace.

While jerks and ninja’s will be able to hide away under some re-customized character they can’t hide from the World of Warcraft forums. Completely changing your identity can be a good thing though if you’re being harassed or pestered by unwanted persons. Yes, it is drastic and most GM’s will be able to take care of these problems, it is an option though.