Have you been wondering what kind of Utgarde Keep loot you’ll come across while doing the instance? How about what kind of bosses? Read on and we’ll try to clear up some of those questions for you. Utgarde Keep or UK for short has two wings. One side is for level 70-72 parties while the other is for level 80 parties.

The lower level wing is considered the keep, while the higher side is called the pinnacle. Each set has four bosses each. The lower level side, Utgarde Keep you will find:

  1. Prince Keleseth
  2. Skarvald
  3. Dalronn
  4. Ingvar the Plunderer

Now, Skarvald and Dalronn are the same fight but separate bosses. For those that are familiar with the Romeo and Juliet fight in Karazhan, you’ll understand this fight pretty well.

The higher level wing is Utgarde Pinnacle. The bosses here you may be familiar with if you did the quests in Howling Fjord. The last boss is King Ymiron who was the sleeping king that the Vrykul serve. The bosses you’ll come across in here are:

  1. Svala Sorrowgrave
  2. Gortok Palehoof
  3. Skadi the Ruthless
  4. King Ymiron

If you click on the bosses names you’ll be taken to the wiki page that shows the loot they can drop. It also gives a very brief description of the history and fights you’ll encounter with each boss.

Priest healing video for UK

Elemental shaman video of Utgarde Pinnacle