Check out all the Drak’Tharon Keep loot and bosses below if you’re having trouble finding out on your own. Drak is much like any of the other troll temples you’ve come across. Sunken Temple, Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman are similar in environment to Drak except that this won’t be as hard as the last two.

You will encounter four bosses in this instance as well as trolls and undead scourge mobs. The minimum level to enter Drak is 72 but a party of 76 is recommended. Drak is the first lower level instance that does not have an 80 equivalent. There is only one part of Drak and it’s for level 72-76.

The four bosses you’ll encounter in Drak are:

  1. Trollgore
  2. Novos the Summoner
  3. King Dred
  4. The Prophet Tharon’ja

That’s right; we said it, ANOTHER PROPHET to kill in a troll temple! Also make sure to click the link on the boss to see what loot they have and strategies for them. The two videos below are just run downs of the instances, one horde and the other alliance.

Horde Drak run – Great theme music!

Alliance run of Drak’Tharon Keep – Paladin tanking