While we’ve done many posts on the TF2 updates coming up I’d like to point out a few things that I haven’t pointed out previously.

For starters the scout WILL in fact be the next class to be updated in Team Fortress 2. This is no longer just a rumor but fact that was confirmed on the Team Fortress 2 Blog. While they haven’t released any other information on what exactly the update will include we can speculate that other rumors were true as well.

One of the rumors was that the scout would get a hockey stick instead of a baseball bat for it’s new weapon. We’re not exactly sure what it will do but we’re pretty sure that it’ll be quite quirky.

The last thing I’d like to point out is that on the payload maps the cart is supposed to have a dispenser on it. No, your engineers are not super awesome, Valve made it that way so that engi’s can upgrade the cart. Since the cart was like a dispenser they’ve desided to attach one to it. Upgrade it to make it more effective for your team. ::