How to play spy in Team Fortress 2 is one of the most asked questions I see. For some reason people seem to think that it’s one of the hardest classes to get used to. It does take a bit of practice and once you’re comfortable with it you can do really well. While I believe there are three types people who play spy, I will link to videos below that are by far the best training videos on how to play the class as a whole.

The first type of spy I’ll discuss is the objective spy. These are the types of players that don’t really try to get backstabs and kills but instead attempt to help their group by taking down sentries, capping control points and going for the intel. Most people will fall under this category when they first start playing spy.

The second type is the combat spy. These are the guys that don’t care about the team and just want to go and get as many kills with the knife and revolver as possible. I see very few of these types of players and for a good reason. Most people in TF2 want to win as a team and do objectives.

The third type of spy is the versatile spy. These players use spy to its fullest advantage. The videos below will really help you to become one of these types of players. Harassing the other team, gaining kills and doing objectives are the main goals of this type of player. Watch the videos below and you’ll figure out just which type of spy you enjoy the most.

Spy Tutorial 1:

Spy Tutorial 2:

Spy Tutorial 3: