How to play scout in Team Fortress 2 is a big question right now with the announcement of the next updated class. Since scout is going to be next update people want to get used to the class before the update comes out. Scout is one of the most underplayed classes in Team Fortress 2. This is of course probably the reason that Valve is releasing them as the next class.

While most people find scout to be hard, it’s actually one of the most versatile classes in the game. Scouts for offense and defense are very well in the right hands. Just like any other class in the game, once you learn to use it to its fullest potential you can play scout in just about any situation.

Personally scout is one of my favorite classes and I’m very much looking forward to the next update. There are very few maps in which scout is just next to impossible to play. Hydro and Goldrush are one of the hardest maps to play scout on. While it’s not impossible, it can be quite difficult.

Below is one of the best scout training videos I’ve ever come across. I defiantly helped me to increase my game play. The video will teach you the ins and outs of the scout class and the best way to take down every class you come across. Enjoy!

Scout Tutorial: