Rumors have been circulating that there will be updates for Left 4 Dead soon. We know that they said that they would be updating Team Fortress 2 after the New Year, but we might be seeing new L4D content as well.

We’ve heard rumors about a fifth survivor, two new boss zombies and five new maps. While all of these would be very interesting I’d like to see the large amount of glitches fixed. I’d also like to see a better way of finding a server to play on. Unlike other Valve games it’s a lot harder to find a community in L4D because of the way they you have to find servers.

All of that aside, if they do add the fifth survivor I hope they will up the health and amount of boss zombies as well. As far as we know there’s sill no demo available for L4D after the one released in early November. No matter what they do I’m very excited to see new updates for L4D so close to it’s release.