Adding non-Steam games to the Steam application has become my new favorite thing. I was never a fan of X-fire because of it’s incompatibility with so many games. The messaging system was rather hard to use and sometimes overlapped and bugged up other chat functions in the game I was playing.

Steam has made their application an all in one messaging service where you can store all your game shortcuts in one application. After downloading Steam you simply click on the My Games tab at the top and then in the bottom left of the window select Add non-Steam game. Steam will automatically generate a list of game shortcuts it finds on your computer. You find the game you want and add it to your list from the browser.

This makes things 10 times easier for me. I don’t like to clutter my desktop with shortcuts and programs. Steam allows you to store all your shortcuts in one spot. Not only that but you can show all the people on your friends list the other games you’re playing and who knows maybe they play it too.

While in any game that you open through Steam you can hold down Shift + Tab to open the window to talk to your friends. This makes things so much easier and less complicated then other game chat programs. You can also access the Steam store, community page and many other Steam features through this window. It overlaps the game you’re playing without minimizing or causing conflicts.

Steam also gives you some options for different skins for their application. Simply go to File -> Settings -> Interface and the third drop down menu will give you access to one of the skins they offer. If you want to get other Steam skins I highly suggest NOT using Google to find them. There are many people who would steal your Steam account and use it for whatever end they want. If you want to look for custom skins for anything related to Steam or Steam games I would only trust FPSBanana.