Amazingly a fan of TF2 has decided that it’s not nearly enough to play the game as an engineer he wants to see his buildings in real life. The player Drstisch claims that TF2 has spilled over into his real life and he just had to make one. You can find the post on the offical Steam forums here. I do have to say that I’m quite impressed with this man’s ability to make something from a game into real life.


Don’t think that it stops there though people! If you haven’t seen this hardcore Lego and TF2 fan’s sentry then you need to go check out MOCpages. This hardcore fanatic built a life like Lego sentry gun. I can tell you I wouldn’t want to walk by this puppy in real life that’s for sure.


It’s not just fans ordering custom Lego parts either. Lego themselves have actually released a TF2 Lego set! As you can see from the pictures it’s an entire base of TF2 Lego’s. However, Lego doesn’t offically have them on their website, so you’d have to collect individual pieces in hopes of puting together your own set.