Here are a few Team Fortress 2 tips for general game play. If you’ve been playing TF2 for a good amount of time you’ll probably pick up on most of these but maybe not. When playing soldier or demo your rockets/nades (not stickies) will actually go a bit to the right of the crosshair. So when you aim remember that the crosshair is not dead on accurate.

When playing scout remember that after you first jump you can jump again and crouch (Ctrl) and look up towards the sky. This will allow you to access places that are just a little bit farther then the double jump will allow you to go. This gives you that extra 2-3 feet of distance.

Don’t forget as a pyro that the air blast is a great way to blow apart ubers. If you crouch really fast and aim up with the air blast, you can launch them into the air. If you practice you can “juggle” them in the air with your air burst. Also don’t forget that both of the pyro axes have good distance/speed/damage.

You can increase your accuracy with the heavy by crouching. This will focus the bullets a little more then just standing up shooting. I also suggest getting enough achievements for the KGB’s. I can’t count how many times I’d get a crit kill on someone with the gloves and there’s 4-5 people standing around. Those one shot gloves are great for humiliating unsuspecting opponents.

The engineer is a great all around class. The shotgun, pistol and wrench are amazing weapons. You have to remember too that the wrench is one of most critable melee weapons. Swinging that sucker at spies while they try to sap your stuff can be the most beneficial way to deal with them. Also take some time to go find some videos on secret building areas for engineer equipment.

As a medic don’t stop moving, ever! Jump up and down, move side to side and keep out of the line of fire. The second you hold still you’ll get backstabbed by a spy. You are the number one enemy for the other team, taking you out is key to victory. The ubersaw is amazing and only takes 4 hits to charge a full uber.

Sniping can be a pain if you’re used to playing one in other games. The dot can be good and bad depending on what you prefer. Just remember that the way Valve games work is you are always compensating for the model movement. A lot more I feel then in other games. Remember to aim where your target is going.

Now for the one class everyone finds so hard. There are a few things to keep in mind when you play spy. Make sure you’re fully cloaked before changing disguise or make sure you give about 5-8 seconds after disguising before cloaking. This can give you away very quickly. When going to backstab a target if you stand just a little farther back you will do a side swing which is faster and much more effective then the fully animated flip of the knife and downward stab.

Lastly I want to say that you should learn to use every class’s melee weapon. Go on a server you don’t care about or create your own with bots and practice the melee weapons. Get used to how fast they are and the range you can hit people at.