When I was a kid growing up I really fell in love with Mario Bros. There was just something about bouncing around, collecting coins and searching for this mysterious Princess. I spent hours trying to advance from level to level just to find that the Princess was in another castle.

Games like Mario Bros. really set the tone for my gaming experiences. The next game I fell in love with was Zelda. Wow, what a game! I couldn’t get over how awesome it was to look for another Princess in another castle. This was better then any other game I could have played.

After a while I started to realize that games like Duck Hunt and Excitebike were fun they didn’t have any depth to them. I wanted more stories, more missions and more Princesses to rescue. I remember my parents constantly asking me why I spent so many hours playing these games. They just didn’t understand how amazing it was to be a hero on a mission. Eventually I realized the best way to explain it was that video games were like a virtual book. You play the part of the main character and develop the story as you see fit (for the most part).

Eventually I discovered Squaresoft (now Square Enix) and realized that this company had it. I fell in love with their games. The first game I played of theirs was Chrono Trigger. I saved all my birthday and Christmas money just to get a Super Nintendo and that game.

It was the first 16-bit RPG ever. It had multiple endings, loads of characters, and a storyline that was unbeatable. To this day I still play Chrono Trigger. I’ve started a new game at least 50 times now. After Chrono Trigger I wanted more Squaresoft. I found it in the Final Fantasy series.

I played through Final Fantasy 3 first and thought it was even better then Chrono Trigger. Through out the years I’ve played every one of them and love how they add some of the same characters through out them all (Cid). I have a long list of RPG’s under my belt and I’m proud to have played every single one of them.

One of my friends growing up had Secret of Mana. This was the first two-person RPG I had ever played. We’d spend hours at each others houses trying to beat it together. Sometimes he’d play without me and I’d be so mad. He would have to catch me up on the story so I didn’t miss a minute of it. Eventually when I was an adult I played it through myself and found that I really hadn’t missed anything when I was a kid.

This is why I love video games, not just RPG’s. RPG’s is just where it all started for me. Now I play sports, action, adventure, shooter, and strategy games. If not for RPG’s I wouldn’t have been as interested in video games as I was.

So I leave you with these questions, why did you start playing video games and what game started it all for you?