What do gamers dislike about games they play? One of the most talked about is randomness. This is by far one of the most annoying things that game companies put into games. In Team Fortress 2 there’s no control of when you will get a critical hit (except with the kritzkreig from a medic). Landing a critical on a target usually kills them or comes very close.

This is problematic since there’s no skill involved in total luck. This is the same for Counter-Strike Source. Someone can just point at the ground, hold down the trigger and “spray” a headshot which will instantly kill you in that game. Taking skill out of the game and simply adding random luck really makes it hard to stick with the game.

While some people enjoy this aspect of the game, most new gamers find it bothersome. I’m picking on Valve here since I’ve listed two games they produce but they seem to enjoy putting in random aspects of the game.

It’s not just with first person shooters either. The same can be said for many MMORPG’s out there. Let’s say there’s an item you really want to get but the only way to get it is to find it randomly from some mob. No one wants to rely on a random chance to get something they want or to achieve something. Most gamers want to put in hard work and be rewarded for it.

The logic behind this type of system is that it keeps gamers coming back. Obviously it does because most of these games are very popular. If you give gamers too much too fast they’ll stop playing your game. Their solution is to add a completely random aspect to the game that way only a select few will be able to get certain things. Other gamers see this and want it too and the cycle repeats itself.

Games are fun and entertaining, bottom line. If they weren’t we wouldn’t play them. Adjusting the system or coming up with a new system would either kill a game or increase its population ten fold. So get out there and go enjoy the randomness that some games have to offer!