That’s right ladies and gentleman I am going to talk about gear grinding. There could be hours of discussion done on just this one topic but I’m only going to make a few points here. I hate to break it to everyone out there but the fact is that all MMORPG’s end up being a gear grind.

Yes, I have just busted thousands of bubbles out there. In every MMORPG out there you will end up farming for gear. When I say gear I consider this to be pets, items, equipment and vehicles.

If it wasn’t for gear there wouldn’t be much of anything else to do. Ultimately people want to continue to work daily for a goal. This goal comes in the form of character improvement through gear collection.

MMORPG’s are not meant to end but to be played continuously. Single player games are meant for one play through (unless you really enjoy the game). When you have many different players it’s a lot harder to create one common goal among them all.

Some of the end game things you can do (depending on the game) is to collect items, pets, money, gear, vehicles, housing items or some other really interesting thing that you will really enjoy.

When you think about it, it is quite hard to come up with an idea for end game content. I would love to see a game move away from the typical “gatherer” content. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see happen with end game content leave a comment we’d love to hear about it.