World of Warcraft has managed to put its foot into the door of gaming mice. WoW has been making products for gamers for quite some time but I think they may have just blown the doors wide open with their new mouse.

The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is one of the most impressive mice I’ve ever seen. With a max resolution of 3200 DPI your response time will by amazing in any game you play. This is especially helpful for those that play first person shooters.

With over 15 customizable buttons (10 profiles for WoW) that leaves a lot of options for your mouse to take over some of the load from your keyboard. I have personally wanted a mouse with more then 5 buttons for years now. Having three times the amount I currently have, I will be one happy camper.

For $100 you can buy one of these rather amazing mice. That’s how much I paid for my Logitech G7 cordless mouse. I personally prefer cordless mice (and yes I like the heavier mice) I am really considering getting one of these cord mice from Blizzard.