I can’t wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) to be released. As I’ve said before this is going to be one of the most anticipated MMO’s for us and many others. I have been a fan of the Star Wars series ever since I started playing Star Wars pen and paper when I was a kid.

One of the things I love the most about Star Wars is that it expands itself to more then just a book, movie or game. It has become something that our society can relate to on a deep level. The newest addition they intend to make is having Star Wars: The Old Republic become a web comic.

“For Star Wars fans and online gamers alike, the big project to keep an eye on in 2009 is Star Wars: The Old Republic. This online project marks two returns for the Star Wars franchise. It’s the return of Bioware to the Knights of the Old Republic universe, and it’s the second time Lucasarts has attempted a MMORPG in the Star Wars universe.

While we’re all eagerly awaiting to see how The Old Republic shapes up, one tie-in project should offer a closer look at the mythology and characters of this largely unexplored period of Star Wars history. Best of all, gamers need only wait a few weeks to check it out. Beginning February 27th, a web comic titled Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Threat of Peace, will begin running on the official game website. The comic is penned by one of the game’s scenario writers, Rob Chestney, and is drawn by Alex Sanchez.

We had plenty of questions about The Threat of Peace. What characters are involved? How does it tie into the plot of the game? How does The Old Republic compare to Knights of the Old Republic? Where the heck is Darth Revan already? Fortunately, we were able to sit down with Chestney and receive answers to many of these burning questions.”

You can read the full story at IGN.