We’re currently wrapping up our 70-80 Alliance leveling guide and we used my retribution paladin and my wife’s fire mage. I started leveling as protection because that’s how we leveled from 1-70. Don’t get me wrong I love tanking as a paladin.

Having a prot pally hold aggro for a full on fire mage is a lethal combo. Simply gather up all targets and AoE on top of them. I never really enjoyed playing a ret pally until the release of WoTLK. Not only do you do a lot more damage but you’re able to farm and survive better then before.

With the ability Sacred Shield (lvl 80) you get a bubble that absorbs 500 damage. While this isn’t great, what is nice is that when you’re hit you increase your Flash of Light critical chance by 50% plus whatever your base crit is. Then when you crit with Divine Storm or Crusader Strike you get Art of War which is an instant cast Flash of Light.

So when you heal yourself you’re almost guaranteed to get a critical hit on your heal which procs Sheath of Light and is basically a heal over time. On top of this combo your seals and blessings stay up a lot longer then 2-5 minutes like they used to. Also your mana regeneration is great with the 1 minute cooldown on Divine Plea.

I am glad for many of the changes to Paladin since WoTLK was released. I hope that some of these tips can help you to improve your game or maybe even switch specs. Enjoy!