From the looks of it Valve has finally released the date for the Scout to be updated! On their offical site they have finally revealed the first weapon the scout will be getting. To no surprise it’s a new baseball bat called “The Sandman”.

The Sandman will hit a baseball at a target and stun them in place. Knock them even more silly the farther the ball travels. Even better it will work on ubered targets. Who among us isn’t tired of being rolled over by an uber heavy? Well knock him silly with your new toy!

The downside to all of this is that with the bat equiped you won’t be able to double jump. Somehow I beileve this weapon will be nerfed/fixed shortly after release. Either that or it’s going to be like the flare gun and never get used (for the most part).

Anyway if you check the main page located at Team you’ll see that they will be releasing a new update each day up until the 24th. Normally Valve does releases on Tuesday so we assume the last day will be the release. Make sure to come back daily to check for updates on our blog. As they release the information we’ll keep you updated.

You can check out The Sandman by following the link here or  just click on it on the main page we posted above. Also don’t forget to check out our Guide section up above for a guide on how to play Scout. If you’re weak at playing Scout get some practice in now and take some tips from our tutorial. You can click here to find our Scout Guide. Happy bonking!