There was an update last night to the Valve servers for TF2. It really bugged out a lot of people and changed everyone’s SteamID from STEAM:_0:(numbers) to STEAM:_1(numbers) which made people with reserved slots and bans lose them.

Fixes can be made by your administrators (we’re lucky enough to have a good one on SourceOP) and it also changed how you switch achievement items. Before you simply went into spawn opened the item window (M) and changed your gear to instantly change. Now when you do it you have to either change class and change back or walk into the ammo cabinet.

Also since this update was just released we have to assume that the scout update will be the next to fall in line. However, Valve was supposed to release the update weeks ago and still hasn’t. Here is the official statement by Valve on their blog. Keep in mind that this post was on January 24, 2009.

“When’s the next update going to be out?”

* We’ve got an update that should be out tomorrow with a bunch of bug & exploit fixes. Later this week we hope to have another update out that changes the way we store your unlockable items. You shouldn’t notice much difference, other than if you play on multiple computers we’ll now propagate your item choices. You can think of that update as the one that moves your inventory into the Steam Cloud. Once that’s out of the way, we’ll be able to ship the Scout pack.

You can read the whole article here.

Now there has been three sets of patches since this post a month ago. None of them seem to have changed unlockable items except for this update.  Maybe the scout update will be sooner then we think. I wouldn’t put my faith in it though because Valve is notorious for delaying things.