Valve has again released more information on this day 3 of the Scout Update. Today they revealed that the next “weapon” for the scout will be a cherry flavored energy drink. Don’t think the scout moves fast enough? Think again!

‘Bonk’ Energy Drink

“Runnin’ rings around all them molasses-slow dummies out there on the battle- field is thirsty frickin’ work. But when it comes to quenchin’ that thirst, only one thermonuclear thirst detonator packs all the “Atomic Punch” you’ll ever need. Bonk! is fulla radiation, which as we all know is pretty great for givin’ people superpowers. Just one can’ll blast ya into a few-second rush of radioactive energy so powerful you’ll be dodgin’ bullets like they ain’t even there!”

The second addition to the update today is the release of the scout achievement names. While there’s no description of what each achievement takes, you can guess pretty accurately with their names. Here’s a list of the new achievements that will be coming for the scout.