Today’s Team Fortress 2: Scout Update Day 4 features two maps. Both of these maps you may already recognize. I was hoping we would get to see the primary weapon for the scout today, but that probably won’t come until Monday.

The two maps that have been released officially are CP_Egypt and CP_Fastlane. CP_Fastlane is played as a regular map on some servers but wasn’t a standard Valve map until now. CP_Egypt was a custom map for Counter-Strike: Source. Hopefully the TF2 version of this map will be a lot more fun then it’s CS:S counter part.

Here’s the official release statement for CP_Egypt:


A Dustbowl-style control point map, Egypt is visually striking, full of great combat spaces, and features some really interesting uses of vertical space. Classes with the ability to ascend rapidly (Soldiers, Demomen, and Scouts using the new scattergun unlockable ) have lots of options for traversing the arenas. In addition, the ruins provide Engineers with a large number of potential sentrygun locations.





Here’s the official information release for CP_Fastlane:

CP_Fastlane Update

Fastlane is an update to one of the first community maps we shipped. This release features a wide variety of changes, from spawn and capture timer tweaks, to geometry and art modifications, to exploit fixes.