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We love video games but we feel that a lot of people we meet just don’t know enough about them or take the time to fully appreciate them.

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For anyone who thinks WoW questing is silly take a look at this news release from

“A lot of people play World of WarCraft. Millions of them in fact. So it stands to reason that they’d be doing a lot of quests, right?

Well, according to World of WarCraft lead designer Jeffrey Kaplan (via Kotaku), the multitudes playing WoW complete 16 million quests per day on average. And that’s not even the most impressive number.

From July 2007 to March 2009, WoW players have completed 8,570,222,426 quests. So more quests than the number of people on the Earth. Nice.

All of this from a pool of 7,650 quests as of Wrath of the Lich King. To give you an idea of how much WoW has grown since launch, Kaplan said that it was Blizzard’s goal to ship with a mere 600 quests. How things have changed since 2004.

With numbers like these, you’ve got to figure that WoW will eventually become its own sovereign nation, with Blizzard at its head. Won’t Activision love that.”


What is Onlive? Onlive is going to bring console and PC gamers together. One of the things that PC gamers have always hated is that you have to have a top end system to play certain video games.

Console gamers have to keep buying new systems just to keep up with game graphics. These systems are becoming more and more expensive.

So what if a company eliminated the graphic and system requirements on your end and just let you play the game? Well that’s where Onlive comes in.

Onlive has developed a new system where gamers can go to their website, sign up and play games from their servers at the best possible graphics without any lag.

Yes, I said it. You can have an old crusty computer and play Crysis at full graphics mode with no lag. That alone is enough for me to want to get their service.

That’s not all though. Onlive lets you either buy the game or simply rent it. You can rent the game, stop playing then rent it again later and go back to the exact spot that you left. Onlive saves your game position for you automatically.

This is also great for parents with their kids. You can set the amount of time your child plays and how much Onlive credit they can spend. It also makes it incredibly easy for you to join a game that your child is playing and either play with them or simply observe them.

I’m quite excited to see this service come out. I can’t imagine not having to worry about if a game is just for the Xbox or Wii. It doesn’t matter who makes it and for what platform.

The only downside to this service (so far) is that most all MMO’s will not be available. It seems that Onlive will really only focus on console games for the time being. We’ll see how they work out MMO’s in the future.

I’m very interested to see what upcoming MMORPG’s will rival some of the big names. I’m really looking forward to Champions Online and SWTOR.

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I stumbled upon this new game from Cryptic while looking at some quests on Thottbot.  After reading through the web page and watching the video I was really excited.

When City of Heroes was released I was very excited to play it. Unfortunately after a few months of game play you realized that NCSoft took about 10-15 maps and just repeated them for all 50 levels.

The combat system was very lacking with the same abilities over and over again. I also didn’t like the lack of real time combat. Auto attacking is great for most MMORPG’s but not what you’d expect froma¬† Superhero.

It seems that Champions Online has done away with a lot of these pitfalls. Even though it’s still early in development I think this game has some real potential. It sounds as if it will take a mix of RPG and Fighter games to make this game. Check out the website here.

While there take the quiz as we did below. Both of us ended up with the same profile character. Not much of a surprise for me since I prefer big and stupid meat shield types.

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“A child of radiation and science gone awry, you are a mutated monster of pure, unstoppable rage. All you really want is to be left alone, and if anyone gets in your way, they get smacked into next week.”

So we decided to check out Horde on Blood Furnace. We’ve played Alliance on a PvP server but not Horde. We’ll see how that goes. You can find us on Versed and Poetess. Happy gaming!

Since the scout update the spy has had an instant backstab. Valve “fixed” face stabs and side stabing was taken away as well. Enough people complained about side stabs and Valve allowed them back in the game.

Personally I feel as if I get face stabbed more now than before the update. Having an instant backstab is better but takes getting used to. With some more practice I’ll get it.

Here’s a video from Drunken F00L, the owner of Even though it’s an old video it’s still quite funny. Check out some of his other videos on his YouTube page here. Enjoy!


Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Bounty Hunter class has been announced. I doubt that anyone was surprised that this would be one of the first classes to be announced. From the sound of it Bounty Hunters are going to be very neutral.

Most of the game sounds like you’ll be able to choose between Imperial or Rebel but at the same time maintain some sort of neutrality. I can only assume that’s where classes like the Bounty Hunter will come in.

Here’s the official read from the site on what we’ll be looking at when SWTOR comes out:

swtor-bounty-hunter swtor-bounty-hunter-1

swtor-bounty-hunter-2 swtor-bounty-hunter-3

“Hunter, seeker, killer for hire

Countless enemies stand in the way of the Sith Empire’s drive for domination. The Empire spares no expense eliminating these threats, offering massive bounties to employ the galaxy’s most lethal hunters. Earning a death mark from the Empire means a life spent in fear, constantly looking over one’s shoulder. It’s never a question if a Bounty Hunter will find you… only when.

Both infamous and anonymous at the same time, Bounty Hunters are far more than mercenaries for hire-they’re heirs to a professional legacy-an ancient brotherhood with a glorious history. Tracking elusive targets across multiple star systems requires expertise, especially when the targets can be prominent, powerful, and often prepared for confrontation. Thrill seekers from all walks of life set out to become Bounty Hunters, but only the most hard-boiled survive in this competitive and deadly business.

The Bounty Hunter’s path lies along the edge-the stakes are always high-and the path only leads two places, to a life of infamous glory… or to a quick and ignominious death.

Imperial Relations

Though the Empire disapproves of the Bounty Hunters’ fierce independence, exceptions are made for those who get results. Few individuals in the galaxy have the gall and the stomach to deliver on the delicate and grim tasks in which Bounty Hunters excel. Nonetheless, no one is irreplaceable in the Empire, and even the most proficient must repeatedly prove their worth. In the bounty business, one’s name is everything, and with each mark a Bounty Hunter takes down, his reputation grows, as does his price.

Affiliations and Loyalties

Bounty Hunters are far from a homogeneous lot-they come from all races and affiliations and each pursues his quarry in his own unique way. Some Bounty Hunters adhere to the rugged Mandalorian code of honor while others answer only to their own moral compass. Some work only on behalf of organizations they agree with, while others have no sense of loyalty.

Despite being kindred spirits, fellow Bounty Hunters cannot always be trusted-among the profession’s most notorious members, competition turns colleagues into the most ruthless of enemies. Even the Bounty Hunters’ employers harbor hidden agendas; the tables are turned quickly when complications arise… and they always do. Shifting allegiances, unbeatable odds, and deadly showdowns are common in the occurrences in the life of a Bounty Hunter.”

You can find the link here. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this game.