Fiesta Online is a free mmorpg that has decent 3D graphics and has a very cartoony feel to it. It’s a lot like most other MMORPGs only very simple and easy.

The map shows where you can pick up all quests as well as the location of NPC’s and what they do. It is a very user friendly MMO. While the game itself is free you can buy SparkCASH which in turn gives you the ability to buy in game items from their store.

You can purchase outfits, hair styles, movers (mounts), and other small novelty items. You don’t have to buy these things but if you get into the game you’ll probably end up doing so.

What we do like about the shop system is that for $10 you can buy 7,200 SparkCASH which will get you about 1-2 really good items. So if you limit yourself to just buying what you really want you will end up paying less then you would for a monthly subscription.

The classes are very basic and so is the look of your character. You only have one face to choose from and three types of hair styles and color. You can choose between Fighter, Cleric, Archer and Mage.

You’ll find that the game is very easy to navigate and the website itself gives you a leveling guide up to level 10. At level 20 you can change into a master job class and I believe you can again at 60. I don’t know the level cap yet but I know it’s 70 or over.

If you want to check out Fiesta Online go here and click on the button in the upper left that says “Download Fiesta”.