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So last night we decided to play our horde characters a little bit and were offered to go to Molten Core. Our characters are only level 60 (haven’t leveled these two yet) so we decided to go ahead.

Some 80’s were going to run MC for the achievement and we tagged along. Boy was it hot! I hadn’t run MC in over a year. The pace was very nice and with 38 people it was going very smoothly.

Unfortunately things never go as smoothly as you’d like. We play on the server Quel’dorei which is a small PvE server.

We went to MC for the achievement not for gear. The raid leader had master loot enabled and passed out the gear to anyone that could use it (mainly us since we were still 60).

At the very beginning the Girdle of Prophecy dropped and the raid leader just picked it up. At this point the character Hurfdurf started yelling at him to put the looting on group loot. He said we were there for the achievements and not the gear.

Hurfdurf was quite upset apparently and refused to heal. We hadn’t even made it to Lucifron yet and they stopped healing. All they did was sit there and watch as we killed bosses.

The arguing continued from there until we made it to Golemagg. A tank we had by the name of Jeir was also joining in and complaining over and over. The arguing continued for almost a full hour none stop.

The raid was suffering because we only had the priest as our main healer. We had to eventually get another healer to help out.

Once we got to Golemagg the raid leader had enough and kicked Hurfdurf and Jeir from the raid for complaining over and over (also they weren’t doing anything so what was the point of having them there?)

Well they both joined a group so they wouldn’t be booted. None of us really noticed since half the raid was dead and we were trying to find a new healer.

Once they grouped they walked back and stood in front of Ragnaros until we cleared the rest of the instance. None of us were aware that they had a friend still in the raid by the name of Cherrybomb.

This person was telling them exactly what we were doing and when to start the Ragnaros fight. As soon as we downed Majordomo they pulled Ragnaros and took him down.

Since they were in a separate group they didn’t get credit since they didn’t pull Majordomo. We didn’t get credit either since we weren’t in their group.

Basically everyone lost because three people had a bad attitude. A level 80 priest was so upset that they couldn’t have a level 60 tier 0.5 item that they ruined it for everyone.

Personally we’re not upset. The whole reason we bring this up is because this is what LiTi-4 is not about. This is the prime example of what happens when people take games too serious. We’re about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

At the end of the day when you put your head on your pillow it’s just a game. The whole purpose of games is for entertainment.

We also bring this up so that anyone who wouldn’t want to experience this in the future (if they are on quel’dorei) doesn’t have to.

Please remember that MMO means that there will be lots of other people playing. Don’t think only about yourself but consider everyone before you act.