I have played every Final Fantasy except for 10 and 12. I’m currently working on finishing 10 and it’s very hard. The game isn’t difficult but getting into it really is.

It has all the great aspects of the the older games and the story line is pretty good. I think what is really killing it for me is the actors vocals. If I simply had to read the story like previous versions I would most likely enjoy it a lot more.

I’m not sure who they hired to do the vocals for the characters but they are really bad. The inflection of their voices just doesn’t match. It’s like watching an old Godzilla movie where their mouths are moving and the words don’t match right.

I had similar experiences in games like Madden 08 and 09 where you could really tell the announcer did the vocals at seperate times. I understand how a game like Madden would have this poor quality for vocals but not something like Final Fantasy.

The story behind the game is what really draws people to it. By adding these very poor vocals I feel it’s taken away so much from the game. Never the less I will continue to play it and see how it ends.