I stumbled upon this new game from Cryptic while looking at some quests on Thottbot.  After reading through the web page and watching the video I was really excited.

When City of Heroes was released I was very excited to play it. Unfortunately after a few months of game play you realized that NCSoft took about 10-15 maps and just repeated them for all 50 levels.

The combat system was very lacking with the same abilities over and over again. I also didn’t like the lack of real time combat. Auto attacking is great for most MMORPG’s but not what you’d expect froma  Superhero.

It seems that Champions Online has done away with a lot of these pitfalls. Even though it’s still early in development I think this game has some real potential. It sounds as if it will take a mix of RPG and Fighter games to make this game. Check out the website here.

While there take the quiz as we did below. Both of us ended up with the same profile character. Not much of a surprise for me since I prefer big and stupid meat shield types.

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“A child of radiation and science gone awry, you are a mutated monster of pure, unstoppable rage. All you really want is to be left alone, and if anyone gets in your way, they get smacked into next week.”