What is Onlive? Onlive is going to bring console and PC gamers together. One of the things that PC gamers have always hated is that you have to have a top end system to play certain video games.

Console gamers have to keep buying new systems just to keep up with game graphics. These systems are becoming more and more expensive.

So what if a company eliminated the graphic and system requirements on your end and just let you play the game? Well that’s where Onlive comes in.

Onlive has developed a new system where gamers can go to their website, sign up and play games from their servers at the best possible graphics without any lag.

Yes, I said it. You can have an old crusty computer and play Crysis at full graphics mode with no lag. That alone is enough for me to want to get their service.

That’s not all though. Onlive lets you either buy the game or simply rent it. You can rent the game, stop playing then rent it again later and go back to the exact spot that you left. Onlive saves your game position for you automatically.

This is also great for parents with their kids. You can set the amount of time your child plays and how much Onlive credit they can spend. It also makes it incredibly easy for you to join a game that your child is playing and either play with them or simply observe them.

I’m quite excited to see this service come out. I can’t imagine not having to worry about if a game is just for the Xbox or Wii. It doesn’t matter who makes it and for what platform.

The only downside to this service (so far) is that most all MMO’s will not be available. It seems that Onlive will really only focus on console games for the time being. We’ll see how they work out MMO’s in the future.