For anyone who thinks WoW questing is silly take a look at this news release from

“A lot of people play World of WarCraft. Millions of them in fact. So it stands to reason that they’d be doing a lot of quests, right?

Well, according to World of WarCraft lead designer Jeffrey Kaplan (via Kotaku), the multitudes playing WoW complete 16 million quests per day on average. And that’s not even the most impressive number.

From July 2007 to March 2009, WoW players have completed 8,570,222,426 quests. So more quests than the number of people on the Earth. Nice.

All of this from a pool of 7,650 quests as of Wrath of the Lich King. To give you an idea of how much WoW has grown since launch, Kaplan said that it was Blizzard’s goal to ship with a mere 600 quests. How things have changed since 2004.

With numbers like these, you’ve got to figure that WoW will eventually become its own sovereign nation, with Blizzard at its head. Won’t Activision love that.”