We all know it’s hard to find a good name. Sometimes it’s hard to find any name at all. Most of us resort to looking around our room to come up with inspiration.

This is when you get people named Lamp, Glass, Clock or Pen. While these names aren’t that bad some names should really be thought out before you take them.

Now we’re not picking on anyone here but there are some names we’d like to spotlight as examples. While questing for one of our guides we came across someone named Deathstool. Now if you read it in one fluid motion you get the words Death and Stool. Stool is medical name for crap.

If you look at the name that way then you’ve got a pretty poopy name. The way we assume it is meant to be read is Deaths Tool. Another example was the name Haveatit. Reading the name as Have At It is harmless but when you read it as Have a Tit you could be offending quite a few people.

Just remember to take some time to really consider what you’re name is going to be. One of the best things is that Blizzard now offers you the chance to change your name for a small fee. If you have one of these names I suggest taking the time to consider making that name change.